CNN Quantitative Spectroscopy
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About Us

Startup from the Heart of Europe
Founded in 2015 and located in Brno, Czech Republic. A small group of seasoned experts in software development and machine learning got together to create a handheld NIR spectrometer for use in wine production and agronomy. Since day one, we have recognized the power of CNN for NIR calibration, but there were very few tools available, so we had to develop our own.
SpectraDB was born in 2024 as a way of sharing our internal tools and best practices with other researchers and developers of calibration models. Our mission is to provide best-in class tooling for running experiments as well as deploying the models.


David Filip
CEO and founder of company

Email: dfilip@vialtek.com
Vialtek s.r.o.
Nové sady 988/2
602 00, Brno
Czech Republic

IČO: 038 37 947